My daily grind may be Boring … but I’m showing it …

I took away this generalization from a “crossfitty” article I read last week that “nobody” posts their @crossfit or #training videos on #social media if they don’t have a big lift or a PR or if they’re showing failure, the daily grind or hard work because they won’t get the attention or amass the “likes” …. but I couldn’t disagree more with the author. There are more videos and pictures on my feed showing the basics and #thedailygrindthan anything spectacular. More videos showing me being corrected by one of our #legitcoaches … or like today, lifting just a bar with no weight, breathing hard, not hiding my imperfect skin. I post my boring food almost daily to my story because it helps me stay accountable – even if it’s the same eggs, salad and chicken and spinach. Becoming healthy after being #obese is a long and steady process and it’s not easy. And yes, I have fallen into the trap of comparing myself to someone like @brookewellss (I want strong legs and a butt like hers) or @jazz_zy_ (omg she’s just beautiful and strong and such a nice person and one of the first people to welcome me at @crossfitreflexion) – because YES I want to be strong like them – but I also view my personal social media coverage with somewhat of a responsibility to keep it real … so I’ve learned the only healthy comparison is me vs. me … and #sorrynotsorryfor spamming your feed with #boringbasics but in all seriousness, I have had more feedback on videos like my first #ghd experience than when I hit my #squatclean pr because people struggling with fitting #training into their everyday lives need to see it is possible. #ashleyhornertransformyouchallenge #progressnotperfection#beautyinstrength #workharder #balancelife #momswithmuscles#crossfitgirls #allthethrusters #rowrowrow #40cals#allthekettlebellswings #allthewallballs @ Hillsboro, Oregon

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