Don’t Forget Where You Came From

Screenshot 2018-04-25 13.35.52

#transformationtuesday = don’t forget where you came from ||| I need to vent for a second. I’ve been told lately that my social media posts are “too much” or that people don’t understand why I post my lifts and workouts almost daily and it’s almost like I’m expected to defend myself. Like this is a bad thing. Evidently I am annoying to these people and they have unfollowed me, which is apparently supposed to hurt my feelings. I really want it understood why I do this … I tried so hard to find someone I could use as an example when I was so unhealthy and struggling. But EVERY time I did, they just wanted my money. They wanted to sell me a pill. Or a bottle of drops or a magical tea. Or a plan based on starving me or packaged food or their brand. These people promised ridiculous results and each time I tried, it was a miserable failure which sent me downward spiraling into a viscous cycle of excitement to failure. The whole time I was trying these things, I JUST WANTED SOMEONE I COULD BELIEVE IN. Someone who could demonstrate how to get healthy in mind-body-soul without all of the fads and within my single mom budget. Someone who had REALLY been there. Someone who wanted to help me but NOT for profit. And I couldn’t find this person. SO, I BECAME HER. If you think I post too much, that I’m arrogant or “showing off” or ridiculous because I belong on the JV team and should wait for PRs to post my lifts, you are more than welcome to think that – I can’t argue with your opinion. I’m obviously not posting for you. I’m posting for the people that I talk to on a weekly basis … or for the people who stumble upon my page and tell me their story … these people who need to have someone as a role model not trying to sell them a damn thing other than believing that they could do this, too. Am I perfect? FUCK NO. I am a work in progress, ever learning, accepting advice and just someone who wants to be the best mom she can be … do I recommend training programs? Sure. But they will only work if you put in the time. #transformationjourney#progressnotperfection#eatcleantraindirty #nobadvibes #lovelife#ashleyhornerambassador #crossfitgirls

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