I have qualified AND he registered me!!!!! This will be my first individual masters athlete competition!!

If my loving and supportive husband Mike didn’t encourage me to try for this masters division in the @canwestgames, I wouldn’t have. 💕💕 . And tonight, he sealed the deal and paid for my registration.  MY FIRST INDIVIDUAL MASTERS COMPETITION>>>> and yes … I know that I may not be able to do ALL the things prescribed, but you know that I will do the best I can with everything that does show up within my abilities!! So, maybe there will be muscle-ups and me staring at the bar, but the yoke-carry, jump-over-the-wall, farmers-carry workout should be do-able for me.

Mike – thank you for your patient, encouraging and loving ways. Thank you for videoing, and for judging me (even in the one you no-repped me) … and for not giving up on me even when I was crying for not being able to get a HSPU … and for meeting me at the gym on our off day so that I could redo the clean workout because you believed as much as I did that I could get more.

A year ago life was so different. I’m so grateful you are in my life now to share these moments and this growth.

#hegetsme #igethim #crossfitcouple#imnotlast #progressnotperfection#domoreofwhatyoulove#imlearningtodomoreofthethings#liftalltheweights #ilovetoclean#andbycleanimeandipanddrive#doubleundersarethedevil#butirowlikeamotherfucker#anddowallballslikeaboss#burpeesaremyjam

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