Body Fat Testing / Getting Some Numbers

This morning is our recovery morning (@crossfitreflexion #restday). Had a date with this bad boy this morning so I can get some starting numbers for the #wzatransformationchallenge and middle numbers for the #ashleyhornertransformyouchallenge || #wzatc #bealoser #10weeksto5k#fatloss #goaldigger #goalweightstrongaf @nutrishophillsboro @thewodapalooza @transformyouchallenge @rpstrength @rebuildadvancearise @ Nutrishop Hillsboro


Note: these InBody scanners are not 100% accurate. But if you google, you can find ways to make sure that each of your scans are comparing apples to apples and the way that I look at this is that I am getting data, on a regular basis, using the same type of metrics, so that I can compare it and use it for myself.

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