Recipe for success: Daily use of our 6 Pack Fitness Bags

6 pack bag 3

I wanted to do a quick post about how much I love our 6 Pack Fitness Bags. They are ROOMY and STURDY.

About a year and a half ago, I bought one second hand from another person in our gym.  When Mike moved in, I wanted to get him one, so I ordered him one for Mike for Christmas. Once his arrived, I realized that there were some changes to the new model which included shelves that slide up and down vs. being fixed inside a plastic box and an overall more sturdy yet lighter exterior, so I ended up ordering a new one for myself.

Here is an Amazon Affiliate link (which means if you purchase from this link I receive a kickback for the referral):

Mike uses his on an almost daily basis. I use mine on a daily basis when we are home, but also,  I use mine as my carry on when I travel and it ended up being what we took into amusements parks, to the hospital (snacks when my sister had her baby) and in and out of the competition (most recent trip to Canada).

Proper nutrition through food prep is a HUGE part of our success – mine being part of my transformation journey, and my ability to continue to keep my weight loss going while fueling my body for our workouts vs. for Mike – the capability to fuel his body for continued strength gains and to keep his weight where it is.

These bags have 4 spots for shaker bottles, but I only bring 2 shakers a day with me. The third spot is where I keep utensils, a small package of lysol wipes and some gum. The fourth spot is where I keep some small containers of protein, BCAAs and the like.  Mike uses his empty shaker holes for coffee mugs (he takes coffee to work for the whole day vs. me being spoiled and having a nice coffee maker at work).

These bags have 3 shelves on the inside of the front zipper and come with 3 containers that fit them. The other containers that fit well in here include the California Food Prep containers I’ve talked about before (affiliate link):

The top of the bag zips to a top shelf where you can insert gel freezer packs (included with the bag) and put some more things. I keep nuts, a protein bar, some small snacks and a food scale here.

6 pack bag 4

This is the food scale I use (affiliate link):

One thing to note: when traveling, you can’t have unfrozen gels, so make sure your ice packs are frozen solid, and if you have any gel like good (Smashpacks, fuel packets), they also have to be frozen. Empty shakers are fine and I’ve never been stopped or questioned for powder, but I do usually try to take samples or single-serving packets of my protein and BCAAs so that they list the ingredients, just to be safe.

Hope this post helps you!

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