A few recipes we’ve tried lately

I’m cleaning out my paperwork and some of it is a stack of clean eating recipes we’ve tried over the past few months. There were a few worth sharing.

Crock Pot Yellow Curry Soup:

We’ve made this recipe about three times now. It’s stupid easy; you can use any vegetables you have in your fridge and it’s yummy. Adjust the spices for your family and voila. EASY! IMG_3586



Copycat Clean Eating Quest Protein Bars

We made these on a family trip at a beach house. YUMMY. A little more gooey and had a hard time on the portion (don’t seem to be as large as a quest bar for the same macros). Overall – definitely worth trying.



Paleo Beef Stroganoff

When the author of this blog states “the best beef stroganoff I’ve eaten, Paleo or not” – I AGREE!  I couldn’t get over the coconut cream = made it so creamy!!


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