I’ve been asked by people what my max lifts are. And what my other PRs are.

What I’m finding along this transformation journey is that as I change focus … they change drastically. I think that it’s about what you are most focused on … and that as a newer athlete (4 years now) I don’t really have muscle memory built up.

So lately, my focus has been gymnastic strength. I’m up to being able to do 10 tight and proper pushups in a row … from 3. But my front squat max has dropped from 175 to probably somewhere around 165-170 (last tested I got 165, however last night I was able to do 163 for 3 reps).   And that my back squat isn’t 220 anymore. But I’m able to load up to 205 and get 3 reps.

My advice about maxes is this. Know them so that you can do your percentage work in a strength cycle and so that you can GROW and achieve more.  However, don’t focus on that number. It’s not who you are always. It is who you were in a moment.

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