My Favorite Things

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Ashley Horner Training Programs

Ashley Horner is a fitness celebrity with a no-nonsense, “no mountain is too high” attitude. Mother to three little boys, she is an entrepreneur, cross-over athlete, pro fitness competitor, ultra-runner, and triathlete. She writes programs for people to use in their home or globo-gyms.

She highlights transformation journeys and sponsors “Ashley Horner Transform You” transformation contests, which people compete to win prize money, and are recognized for changing visually as well as transforming their thinking.

I own and have done 12 of her 15 programs and have participated in her Transform You challenges since January of 2016.  Visit her webpage for details.

Freeze Sleeves

Those of you familiar with my transformation and fitness journey know that I have really bum knees due to a condition I was born with. For years I tried so many ways to get them iced and last year while I was visiting vendors at the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival I happened to come across Freeze Sleeves.

These. Are. Simply. AAAAH-MAZING. Please follow my affiliate link here – I get paid a little commission for referring you and you get a discount – remember coupon code CORINNE15. It’s win-win.

The Chestee

Screenshot 2018-04-25 14.59.13The Chestee is a patent-pending sports bra that effortlessly blends fashion and function.  I had a really hard time learning cleans and walked around like someone who was beat up (bruises on my neck.  Plus, I have one collarbone that sticks out farther than the other (thank you childhood horseback riding injuries) and even just for resting in front rack position, this bra has been a godsend.

Bruise no more. Use CORINNE10 in their shopping cart to save some money.


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6 Pack Fitness “Lunch Boxes”

Inspired by design and function, these bags have a 14 day money back guarantee when you buy directly from their website. I find that as an athlete, my 6 pack fitness bag helps me stay on target with my nutritional goals, no matter where their day takes me.. Read more here – including a link to buy via Amazon.


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California Kitchens Food Prep Containers

These food prep containers from Amazon are amazing. They are sturdy, stackable, dishwasher and microwave safe and BPA free.

Buy them here.



Barbella Box

“Barbella Box is a Functional Fitness Subscription Box filled with premium apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more exclusively for women.”

As a subscriber, you receive about a half dozen items in a cute packaged box every month. These are typically from small brands, very often owned by women, wanting to get the word out about their products (I’m a huge proponent of shopping women owned small businesses whenever possible).

What I love most about my Barbella Box is the variety of brands and items each month and how well they fit (they even send an email reminding you to check your sizes in your profile when they have a garment that may be questionable in size).  As an example – one month you will receive a Chestee Bra in, the next month Vullsport leggings. Or, opposite (I loved my Chestee leggings that have built in padding for rope climbing and box jumping that came branded with the Barbella Box logo and the light blue Vullsport bra is one of my favorite for non barbell days at the gym). I’ve discovered new delicious protein bars and snacks, received mobility products and even what is now my favorite bodywash.  As a person on a tight budget, at first I felt a little guilty (that the subscription was a little expensive), but after receiving boxes for over a year, I feel like I’m winning.

Register for your Barbella Box using my referral link.