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The Chestee

Screenshot 2018-04-25 14.59.13The Chestee is a patent-pending sports bra that effortlessly blends fashion and function.  I had a really hard time learning cleans and walked around like someone who was beat up (bruises on my neck.  Plus, I have one collarbone that sticks out farther than the other (thank you childhood horseback riding injuries) and even just for resting in front rack position, this bra has been a godsend and it’s my favorite piece of gym equipment when it comes to thrusters!

Bruise no more. Use CORINNE in the shopping cart to save some money and I get a little commission – win/win.  I can also help with sponsorships and/or bring The Chestee for a trunk show in your gym or to a functional fitness in my territory (Pacific NW, Western Canada, Utah and Nevada).  Send me a message of the dates of the event and details.


Freeze Sleeves

Those of you familiar with my transformation and fitness journey know that I have really bum knees due to a condition I was born with. For years I tried so many ways to get them iced and last year while I was visiting vendors at the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival I happened to come across Freeze Sleeves.

These. Are. Simply. AAAAH-MAZING. Please follow my affiliate link here – I get paid a little commission for referring you and you get a discount – remember coupon code CORINNE15. It’s win-win.


Gym Gypsy Journals

Looking for the perfect workout journal with places to track important data, your schedule and to help you stay organized?  Get yourself a Gym Gypsy subscription!  Each journal serves 3 months.  There are monthly and weekly pages to record your goals for the month plus a calendar so you can note important dates and upcoming appointments, plus daily pages where you can record your strength/skill work, yoga/mobility, body weight, sleep quality/hours slept, mood, stress, motivation, fatigue, soreness, etc.   It even comes with fun stickers and a nutrition guide for almost 500 foods.  There are also pages to record PRs, to track goals what motivates you or what we refer to as “Your Why”, yearly and monthly calendars so you plan your life and successes in advance, and weight conversion and weightlifting percentage charts in the back to help make your workout tracking easier. Sign up for a subscription and receive a new journal every season!  Use the code “MeetTheCooks” in the shopping cart to save yourself some money on your first journal and help Mike and I earn $$ towards our subscription.


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Ashley Horner Training Programs

Ashley Horner is a fitness celebrity with a no-nonsense, “no mountain is too high” attitude. Mother to three little boys, she is an entrepreneur, cross-over athlete, pro fitness competitor, ultra-runner, and triathlete. She writes programs for people to use in their home or globo-gyms.

She highlights transformation journeys and sponsors “Ashley Horner Transform You” transformation contests, which people compete to win prize money, and are recognized for changing visually as well as transforming their thinking.

I own and have done 12 of her 15 programs and have participated in her Transform You challenges since January of 2016.  Visit her webpage for details.


Whoop Fitness Tracker

The WHOOP Strap 3.0 collects physiological data 24/7 to provide the most accurate and granular understanding of your body. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and features the new and improved 5-day battery life and BLE connect.  Optimize the way you recover, train, and sleep with daily reporting on mobile and desktop apps. Know how hard to work with the all new Strain Coach. Discover how much sleep you actually need and how you can align it to your circadian rhythm using the Sleep Coach.  I’ve had my Whoop since 2016 and I absolutely love it.  I’ve helped numerous people get them, too – totally believe that the data is helpful for maximizing possible training.  Get $30 off when you join. I don’t get anything because I’m a founding member = no monthly fees 🙂


6 Pack Fitness “Lunch Boxes”

Inspired by design and function, these bags have a 14 day money back guarantee when you buy directly from their website. I find that as an athlete, my 6 pack fitness bag helps me stay on target with my nutritional goals, no matter where their day takes me.. Read more here – including a link to buy via Amazon.


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California Kitchens Food Prep Containers

These food prep containers from Amazon are amazing. They are sturdy, stackable, dishwasher and microwave safe and BPA free.

Buy them here.





Fit Foods

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 8.31.17 AM

If you do not have time to prepare your own food, and you are looking for a simple solution / are in the Portland Metro area, My Fit Foods has your back.  They offer delivery or in-store pickup of small or large portion, macro-balanced meals.  They also have individual coaching and a 21-day program. Get $10 off of a $50 order with my referral link.


Barbella Box

“Barbella Box is a Functional Fitness Subscription Box filled with premium apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more exclusively for women.”

As a subscriber, you receive about a half dozen items in a cute packaged box every month. These are typically from small brands, very often owned by women, wanting to get the word out about their products (I’m a huge proponent of shopping women owned small businesses whenever possible).

What I love most about my Barbella Box is the variety of brands and items each month and how well they fit (they even send an email reminding you to check your sizes in your profile when they have a garment that may be questionable in size).  As an example – one month you will receive a Chestee Bra in, the next month Vullsport leggings. Or, opposite (I loved my Chestee leggings that have built in padding for rope climbing and box jumping that came branded with the Barbella Box logo and the light blue Vullsport bra is one of my favorite for non barbell days at the gym). I’ve discovered new delicious protein bars and snacks, received mobility products and even what is now my favorite bodywash.  As a person on a tight budget, at first I felt a little guilty (that the subscription was a little expensive), but after receiving boxes for over a year, I feel like I’m winning.

Register for your Barbella Box using my referral link.

Financial and Business Things I Love


If you’re like me, you’ve got the mom calendar, the household calendar (dog groomers, household appointments), the work calendar and then usually juggling one or two other calendars (for me it’s 2 work calendars plus the side-hustle). Calendly is an amazing program that helps you combine multiple calendars into one platform and offer up openings to your clients or coworkers without the hassle of going back and forth a zillion times trying to find the right time to fit all schedules. Sign up here using my partner code and get a discount (link coming soon).

Center – an All in One Expense Management / Credit Card

Say BUH-BYE to paper expense / mileage reimbursement reports.

Choose from traditional credit card, secured credit or pre-funded systems – all of your employees can be issued a MasterCard with a $0 annual fee, your company has the ability to earn cash back and regardless of having a credit card, everyone in the company can have access to an app – so say BUH-BYE to paper expense / mileage reimbursement reports.

Center offers small to large businesses a corporate credit card that helps with the age-old “I can’t find my receipt” trouble or the situation that the cards ran out of money which all accountants encounter. Your team will have real time data via Center’s robust technology – phone apps and a comprehensive website with excellent reports.

People using cards can turn in their expense as easily as “Snap (photo), tag (you can control what information you need) and submit.”

Live data to your accounting team = full visibility into all company spend, all in one place. Set up policies, custom fields, and approval workflows to streamline review and automatically audit 100% of expenses.

Choose from traditional credit card, secured credit or pre-funded systems – all of your employees can be issued a MasterCard with a $0 annual fee, your company has the ability to earn cash back and regardless of having a credit card, everyone has an app so say BUH-BYE to paper expense / mileage reimbursement reports.

Please message me for a personalized introduction to my Center Representative for fastest service.

Gusto Payroll

Gusto is offering small business owners a smart all-in-one package of HR, Payroll and Benefits administration in a very affordable and simple to use package. It imports into both QuickBooks and Xero. It has a robust cloud-based system which allows most payrolls to be completely automated and run on “autopilot.” It also has built-in tax reporting and workers compensation packages (depending on the state). Sign up here.

Melio Payment Solution

Do you hate the timesuck of writing checks or the hassle of logging into multiple platforms to initiate ACH payments? Melio is for you! Pay bills using your checking account (free) or credit card (small fee) by individual entry or batch upload. Super easy to set up, even easier to use. Use my partner link to sign up.

Biggest part of this = it’s a terrific alternative to using Venmo to pay independent contractors and other small businesses vs. using Venmo (not easily tracked by your accounting team). AND, it imports directly into QuickBooks online.

QuickBooks Online

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Gone are the days that you have to be in front of the right computer to access your accounting software and if anyone tells you that QBO isn’t robust enough in reporting or options, 1999 is calling for them to update their knowledge of the software. QuickBooks Online is one of the best small to medium business accounting software offerings due to its affordable pricing and flexibility. Business owners can access their data 24/7 using QuickBooks online due to the convenient remote, cloud-based access via phone/pad app or any web browser. Your accountant or bookkeeper can have same time access. There are a few things that good ole’ QuickBooks desktop is still better at, however, many businesses who use those features would often be better off using more modern applications that work within QBO. Watch this space for an affiliate link.

Tax Jar

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Sales Taxes are a BITCH. Every state has different rules, rates can change in the middle of the year and some services/items may have a different tax rate than another item/service being sold to the same client at the same location. In comes Tax Jar. Tax Jar is a leading technology solution and can be integrated into many eCommerce platforms as well as into traditional accounting software. Use my link to save on your subscription.