Carbs Going UP, Fat Going Down …

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Carbs going up, fat going down. Last week of “break” before what I hope to be my last fall term and I’m going back to my Sunday night food prep night. Tonight I prepped a few trays and adding back sweet potatoes … seeking some more balance. And seeking to not be constantly complaining that I’m hungry to my coworkers. LOL. Carbs still won’t be grain or dairy, though. I’m in full belief that my knee hasn’t been crunchy because of the anti-inflammatory modifications I made … and after the surgeons feedback on it, I don’t even miss either of those food groups!! Anyhow – I wanted to do a sincere thank you to @campvsfood and @rhenry13 for candid advice – you were both helpful when I was struggling this weekend. #progressnotperfection#goalweightstrongaf #butreally#stillhave20tolose#momsgonebacktocollege#momsgot2jobs #macrosarechanging#highproteinfocus

Mason Jar Salads

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Because I’m really struggling with food. With time. With school. With parenting. And I saw this on Facebook and Pinterest, I decided to try it.  I’m trying SO HARD to make sure that I eat. I’m starving but I’m not hungry. Being sad is weird. And being fat is depressing. You don’t want to eat but you have to. If I set these up, my hope is that I won’t eat bad foods.

// Updated: They do hold up for longer than I thought. A little harder to eat from than I thought, but you can add salad dressing and shake them. And there are a zillion recipes on Pinterest about variations.

I’m Persistant

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Still so far to go to fix the damage of eating my emotions of dealing with loss of Demi … but I am not giving up. Not letting my current loss of Brant do any more damage … Using the sadness and emotion to be introspective. To discover myself. To melt these pounds, to be a good mommy, to kick ass in school. 💓💓💓