Today is a Big Day


Over 5 years in braces. I’m so happy for my 16 year old daughter to get her teeth naked today. This was a huge investment in time … so many appointments.

The reason I’m posting this here is a little reminder for everyone doing Transform You.

Lizzy’s teeth “transformation” is so much like a weight loss transformation .. it took patience, time and a bit of discomfort … she relied on a team of supporters (mom, dad, sister, orthodontist and techs, friends who also had braces), had to follow instructions, be patient/not disappointed/remain hopeful through multiple changes (gaps appear and disappear and unfortunately sometimes reappeared), remember to wear her headgear and bands and trust the process.

Today’s a big day 💕💕💕


So – before Shae talked me into doing this “crazy” Magnify You program (I’m doing second round alone only because sadly Shae is injured right now), I had no idea who Ashley Horner was …. Now without Ashley, I don’t know where my life would be. I mean – my near and dear friends know I have been fit before and I’ve had trainers …. and that being fit is in my being and my heart … but to have a simple, methodical planned out program to wake up to has been a blessing in my crazy life. No hiding it – the last 18 months of adjusting to being single have been challenging. And there have been more details than just the personal life pieces … Nobody to work with while trying to parent through transitions at the other parent’s home … support system of starting at a new school and the stress and time crunch of adding the second job and all of the juggling when life tosses hot potatoes (sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are rotten) at you. Anyhow … I am just sharing how good it feels to be recognized for the hard work by THE trainer who developed the program …. She’s kinda a hero….. For so many reasons. And I am blessed. ❤️❤️❤️


If I can do it, you can too :-)

Happy Friday my friends

Make a commitment to YOU. Even if you are married. Even if you are a mom (or a dad). YOU being healthy starts a trend in which everyone around will mirror, emulate, imitate, and be healthy (and happy) with you ….

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” 
― Roald Dahl

My sister bought me 21-day fix in January…. the girls and I ditched the crappy food in the house and have been eating much cleaner. I have been exercising as close to daily as possible and decompressing without wine (despite the CRAAAAZEEEE schedule) in January … results = happier, healthier and stronger. From jeans size 20/22 to 14 … muscles are popping out of my legs, shoulders, back, arms and I am recovering from life’s bumps more swiftly and without as many tears. I have a lot more work to do … I need to focus on better combos of food and get my body to start to shed pounds, but the first step was all of *this* …

You know what else is SUPER cool about this? My teenage daughter showed me her tummy this morning. She’s not bloated and has lost inches as well. And, she’s acting more independently, having fun with her girlfriends and looking forward to summer.

And better … BOTH of my daughters have less acne, more energy and are smiling ALL THE TIME!

Life is good … and everyone is craving strawberries instead of cake. You can do this too … take the first step … even if it’s a really tall one … have strength through the detox stage (fake it until you make it) and give us a holler on this side 🙂