Fear can be powerful

Fear IS a powerful emotion. But you can really use mindset focus and training to overcome it. I’m not JUST saying this. I’m PRACTICING IT.

I’m truly scared to do box jumps.

I have had 2 wrecks. One in my home gym on a tiny box – and one at a competition. Scars on my shin will forever remind me of the injury.

So when I’m supposed to try something NEW on the box. Is even MORE scary. So. These little 20” “no running start” and special landing position jumps (jake what are these called?) are a big deal.

These were part of barbell class last night – designed to help us land in the right position. So these 10 jumps were kinda a big deal. 

Video on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/corinne.stonier/videos/10157222784572774/ 


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Just trying to stay on top of things …

Screenshot 2018-05-09 15.50.07.png

I’m just trying to stay on top of things. Sometimes, it’s because of my choices – like putting two kettlebells there on the floor but grabbing the heavier one than prescribed just to see if I could handle it. Sometimes, it’s just because of circumstances that come with the title “mom” and having a household to run. Today, my life’s responsibilities felt overwhelming and larger than one person can handle … but I’ve got no choice. Today when I was dealing with my real life, I wanted to crumble to the floor and just stay there until I could breathe again, like I did between rounds of the WOD. But there are lights to keep on for my household. And I’ve got two daughters depending on me to be their example. Even if it gets heavy … I have to just keep going.#todayigetstronger #bestrongbabe #dontgiveup  #keepclimbingtothetop #momsgonebacktocollege#momsgottwojobs