Who is at work on a Saturday during the Holiday season??

really mugWho is at work on a Saturday?? Meeeeee.

—Because. I have an active family, personal and fitness goals and work deadlines. It all has to balance at some point (and this girl’s gotta earn a paycheck!!).

— Because. My primary goal for the next few weeks is to be able to go to London without a laptop. Mike and I have planned accordingly with our coworkers so we don’t have to work during vacation … and for me it means that I need to have the month closed.

—Because. My coworker and one of my closest and best friends is battling cancer and I was the one who said “she needs to be at home fighting and I will work weekends until she gets through chemo.”

—Because. When it comes to scheduling – this is one area of my life that I do not wing. I HATE being late. And I cringe when I have to tell someone “I don’t have time” (because I MAKE time for what matters). I am so blessed because my husband and kids are 10000% on board. We sit down weekly, go over calendars, plan meals and then prepare accordingly. This simple hour we spend planning has been a catalyst for a better life. I have so much less stress because I know (often weeks in advance) how much “free” time we have for family fun, training, date nights, and playing with friends. Or the opposite – when we have to be very stingy with anything “extra” because of prior obligations (like right now my daughter’s soccer season is starting but we are still in swim season!!). Of course things sometimes pop up … and some weeks there just doesn’t seem to be enough time, but in slowing down to plan, we’ve been able to see holes in the calendar and plug them in … we’ve been able to see when we need to enlist help (like paying for housekeeping when it’s necessary) or communicate to our coaches that we need a condensed program due to time restrictions. And sometimes it means working extra on the weekend and leaving earlier on a weekday.

—Because. If you’ve been stressed or think you need help with this area of your life, it requires evaluation. How far ahead do you make goals and plan how you will achieve them? Do you do a quick evaluation and re-adjust weekly? Is your family involved? Ask me for help if you need it💕


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Today is a Big Day


Over 5 years in braces. I’m so happy for my 16 year old daughter to get her teeth naked today. This was a huge investment in time … so many appointments.

The reason I’m posting this here is a little reminder for everyone doing Transform You.

Lizzy’s teeth “transformation” is so much like a weight loss transformation .. it took patience, time and a bit of discomfort … she relied on a team of supporters (mom, dad, sister, orthodontist and techs, friends who also had braces), had to follow instructions, be patient/not disappointed/remain hopeful through multiple changes (gaps appear and disappear and unfortunately sometimes reappeared), remember to wear her headgear and bands and trust the process.

Today’s a big day 💕💕💕

Just trying to stay on top of things …

Screenshot 2018-05-09 15.50.07.png

I’m just trying to stay on top of things. Sometimes, it’s because of my choices – like putting two kettlebells there on the floor but grabbing the heavier one than prescribed just to see if I could handle it. Sometimes, it’s just because of circumstances that come with the title “mom” and having a household to run. Today, my life’s responsibilities felt overwhelming and larger than one person can handle … but I’ve got no choice. Today when I was dealing with my real life, I wanted to crumble to the floor and just stay there until I could breathe again, like I did between rounds of the WOD. But there are lights to keep on for my household. And I’ve got two daughters depending on me to be their example. Even if it gets heavy … I have to just keep going.#todayigetstronger #bestrongbabe #dontgiveup  #keepclimbingtothetop #momsgonebacktocollege#momsgottwojobs


So – before Shae talked me into doing this “crazy” Magnify You program (I’m doing second round alone only because sadly Shae is injured right now), I had no idea who Ashley Horner was …. Now without Ashley, I don’t know where my life would be. I mean – my near and dear friends know I have been fit before and I’ve had trainers …. and that being fit is in my being and my heart … but to have a simple, methodical planned out program to wake up to has been a blessing in my crazy life. No hiding it – the last 18 months of adjusting to being single have been challenging. And there have been more details than just the personal life pieces … Nobody to work with while trying to parent through transitions at the other parent’s home … support system of starting at a new school and the stress and time crunch of adding the second job and all of the juggling when life tosses hot potatoes (sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are rotten) at you. Anyhow … I am just sharing how good it feels to be recognized for the hard work by THE trainer who developed the program …. She’s kinda a hero….. For so many reasons. And I am blessed. ❤️❤️❤️