Carbs Going UP, Fat Going Down …

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Carbs going up, fat going down. Last week of “break” before what I hope to be my last fall term and I’m going back to my Sunday night food prep night. Tonight I prepped a few trays and adding back sweet potatoes … seeking some more balance. And seeking to not be constantly complaining that I’m hungry to my coworkers. LOL. Carbs still won’t be grain or dairy, though. I’m in full belief that my knee hasn’t been crunchy because of the anti-inflammatory modifications I made … and after the surgeons feedback on it, I don’t even miss either of those food groups!! Anyhow – I wanted to do a sincere thank you to @campvsfood and @rhenry13 for candid advice – you were both helpful when I was struggling this weekend. #progressnotperfection#goalweightstrongaf #butreally#stillhave20tolose#momsgonebacktocollege#momsgot2jobs #macrosarechanging#highproteinfocus


So – before Shae talked me into doing this “crazy” Magnify You program (I’m doing second round alone only because sadly Shae is injured right now), I had no idea who Ashley Horner was …. Now without Ashley, I don’t know where my life would be. I mean – my near and dear friends know I have been fit before and I’ve had trainers …. and that being fit is in my being and my heart … but to have a simple, methodical planned out program to wake up to has been a blessing in my crazy life. No hiding it – the last 18 months of adjusting to being single have been challenging. And there have been more details than just the personal life pieces … Nobody to work with while trying to parent through transitions at the other parent’s home … support system of starting at a new school and the stress and time crunch of adding the second job and all of the juggling when life tosses hot potatoes (sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are rotten) at you. Anyhow … I am just sharing how good it feels to be recognized for the hard work by THE trainer who developed the program …. She’s kinda a hero….. For so many reasons. And I am blessed. ❤️❤️❤️


Feeling wonderful

This was copied/pasted from a Facebook Post I made on July 29, 2015:

Today was my “approximate” 4-week measurement check with Olga at Smart FIT training studio … and I am super happy with the results = almost -4% body fat gone.

I have not modified my eating since we overhauled last winter – I am still eating low sugar, organic and non-GMO when I can, portion controlled (21-day fix) and allowing myself to splurge once in a while.

I also have not modified the amount of time spent exercising since February when I ramped it up, however, I have changed up what I’m doing (added more HIIT circuit and weights).

These are just numbers … and while some people hide behind them, I’ve always been pretty public about this stuff – helps with accountability and hopefully inspires someone else who can’t figure out how to get started or feels hopeless.

So – without further ado, here they are:

I lost pounds from 237 to 234.6 (some of you say big deal, but my past trainers will be whooping because I lose so slowly, my average is like .3 lbs per week when I’ve been on programs) …

Body fat went from 111.3 pounds to 103 pounds

Lean muscle increased from 125.7 pounds to 131.6 pounds (key to long-term weight loss success, right?)

Water weight actually increased (so can’t say I just lost water) …

Very happy and going to keep it up. I really appreciate Olga’s training methodology – she pushes me enough and knows when to call it … she keeps me in alignment and finds weaknesses to improve upon … and is very positive and inspiring.

I am also SUPER thankful and grateful for satis&fy’s wellness program which provides Olga’s services to the satis&fy team … and for my fellow office teammates who work hard, inspire and push each other through the workouts. 

Olga says next update is at 6 months … so will be marking the calendar!