So many updates … so little time for blogging :-)

Corinne after completing a recent accounting consultation at a local business

If you know me at all, you know that I will always MAKE time. That said, my little website has not been hitting the high parts of my priority list since the pandemic.

Because our family has big summer plans and I have financial goals to keep in mind, I’ve updated my favorite things page with partner links which typically offer the customer a discount and pay me a small amount of referral bonus.

There are still some links to be added, so keep checking back!

What are you looking for – let me know and I can make sure to get it added!

Stay happy, work hard, train harder


Chestee Sales Squad = My Little Side-Hustle Business

tHi all –

I’ve officially joined the Chestee Sales Squad.

I had a photoshoot and started getting some promotional materials out together. The Chestee provides Sales Squad members with some great tools.

We will each get a 10% off discount code which will track our sales. Please use mine and then be sure to tell me how you like your Chestee!!

Use CORINNE10 at to save 10% off of your order.

I am also booking trunk shows and events in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Western Canada. Reach out if you want me at a competition or event!!

More details soon!!



I’ve been asked by people what my max lifts are. And what my other PRs are.

What I’m finding along this transformation journey is that as I change focus … they change drastically. I think that it’s about what you are most focused on … and that as a newer athlete (4 years now) I don’t really have muscle memory built up.

So lately, my focus has been gymnastic strength. I’m up to being able to do 10 tight and proper pushups in a row … from 3. But my front squat max has dropped from 175 to probably somewhere around 165-170 (last tested I got 165, however last night I was able to do 163 for 3 reps).   And that my back squat isn’t 220 anymore. But I’m able to load up to 205 and get 3 reps.

My advice about maxes is this. Know them so that you can do your percentage work in a strength cycle and so that you can GROW and achieve more.  However, don’t focus on that number. It’s not who you are always. It is who you were in a moment.

A few recipes we’ve tried lately

I’m cleaning out my paperwork and some of it is a stack of clean eating recipes we’ve tried over the past few months. There were a few worth sharing.

Crock Pot Yellow Curry Soup:

We’ve made this recipe about three times now. It’s stupid easy; you can use any vegetables you have in your fridge and it’s yummy. Adjust the spices for your family and voila. EASY! IMG_3586


Copycat Clean Eating Quest Protein Bars

We made these on a family trip at a beach house. YUMMY. A little more gooey and had a hard time on the portion (don’t seem to be as large as a quest bar for the same macros). Overall – definitely worth trying.


Paleo Beef Stroganoff

When the author of this blog states “the best beef stroganoff I’ve eaten, Paleo or not” – I AGREE!  I couldn’t get over the coconut cream = made it so creamy!!