Transformations are indeed done only because a person decided that they can.  However, credit is often due from the transformer to a whole list of people who contributed, because without a doubt, it takes a team of people giving advice, guidance and corrections. 

These people helped me with accountability, mentorship, friendship and professional advice throughout my journey:

Corinne with Jake Maslin, Coach and Owner of CrossFit Code Red

Jake MaslinCrossFit Code Red – Jake has been personally programming for me since October of 2018. More to come … 

Liam HolmesPH Nutrition – Does it seem peculiar that I would hire a nutritionist from London when I live in Oregon, USA? Honestly, it’s not.  We met Liam while we were on Holiday in Croatia (Outside the Box Holidays) and immediately he understood my nutritional needs. We have been working together ever since with the goal of being lean while not being deprived. For feeling fueled, not hitting afternoon slumps and overcoming issues I have been experiencing with hormones, metabolism and food addictions.  Liam has a very thorough educational background in his craft. His programs include recipes, an app for your phone and skype calls. What I love most is that he checks into my food diary and is able to comment – both positively and negatively – and to make suggestions based on my habits, tastes and needs. I also truly appreciate that you won’t see posts on PH Nutrition’s media feeds of “before and after” photos because Liam’s belief is that he is coaching clients for sustainability, not just a quick cut. His claim to fame won’t be the chiseled abs (although MANY of his clients have them) – more so it’s loads and loads of people who can’t believe how good they FEEL on his nutritional programming.

Olga CherevatenkoSmart FIT Training Studio – Olga was an important part of my transformation from 2015 to middle of 2017. She ran my employer’s employee fitness / employee health program. Olga was the first to encourage me to use my body fat as a metric vs. scale weight (and she almost had to hold my hand the first time I did it – it was 47% about 3 months after I started with her) and she helped encourage me in movement. Olga taught me about HIIT, helped me with physical therapy when my knee was diagnosed and truly cared about my goals (although many personal trainers aren’t super happy when their clients start CrossFit, Olga was so happy for me.  And, I was trying handstands for the first time at her gym and we used bands and progressed every week in pull-ups and she helped me with my cleans). She also taught me how to use TRX straps and helped coach me on mindset. I looked forward to our twice weekly sessions with so much joy, and when our employer canceled their fitness program, it was indeed a sad day.  Although I don’t have Olga as a personal trainer anymore, she has remained a friend and a cheerleader, and she still gives perfect advice on my social media. I would strongly encourage ANYONE looking to improve their fitness in the west-side of Portland, OR area – especially those who are just beginning – to reach out to her.  This is what she has to say: “I love when I can help somebody learn to LOVE exercise rather than consider it something they must do. My basic philosophy for training is teaching you to workout toward your proper postural alignment and introducing you to the correct forms of the exercises. I respect your goals and provide endless fun at our workouts. Like many trainers, I love watching clients change and become happier. You will track your food, work out regularly, get back on the wagon after falling off and stay positive; you will achieve your goals. I would love to meet you and learn more about your fitness and wellness journey! Schedule your FREE appointment for the goals set up, functional movement tests and composition measurements by texting 503.998.7706 or via e-mail