Feeling wonderful

This was copied/pasted from a Facebook Post I made on July 29, 2015:

Today was my “approximate” 4-week measurement check with Olga at Smart FIT training studio … and I am super happy with the results = almost -4% body fat gone.

I have not modified my eating since we overhauled last winter – I am still eating low sugar, organic and non-GMO when I can, portion controlled (21-day fix) and allowing myself to splurge once in a while.

I also have not modified the amount of time spent exercising since February when I ramped it up, however, I have changed up what I’m doing (added more HIIT circuit and weights).

These are just numbers … and while some people hide behind them, I’ve always been pretty public about this stuff – helps with accountability and hopefully inspires someone else who can’t figure out how to get started or feels hopeless.

So – without further ado, here they are:

I lost pounds from 237 to 234.6 (some of you say big deal, but my past trainers will be whooping because I lose so slowly, my average is like .3 lbs per week when I’ve been on programs) …

Body fat went from 111.3 pounds to 103 pounds

Lean muscle increased from 125.7 pounds to 131.6 pounds (key to long-term weight loss success, right?)

Water weight actually increased (so can’t say I just lost water) …

Very happy and going to keep it up. I really appreciate Olga’s training methodology – she pushes me enough and knows when to call it … she keeps me in alignment and finds weaknesses to improve upon … and is very positive and inspiring.

I am also SUPER thankful and grateful for satis&fy’s wellness program which provides Olga’s services to the satis&fy team … and for my fellow office teammates who work hard, inspire and push each other through the workouts. 

Olga says next update is at 6 months … so will be marking the calendar!

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